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How Skin Whitening Forever Makes Your Skin Lighter Naturally


Every woman wants a fair skin. In fact a lot of women do whatever it takes to achieve a fair skin. Sadly, the majority of options they use put their skin (and overall health) at increased risk of severe side effects. Many skin products on the market are out right dangerous and not suitable for everyday use.

Sure, chemical-based products such as hydroquinone can give dramatically fast results when it comes to skin lightening, but they cannot be used for a long time. Moreover their dangerous side effects are well documented.

The best thing to do if you want to achieve a fair complexion is use a naturally based skin solution.

Natural Holistic Approach

If you are searching for a naturally-based skin lightening solution, Skin Whitening Forever by Eden Diaz might be your best option. It is an electronic manual that provides information on how to brighten your skin naturally without harming it. The author uses a holistic approach to skin whitening, which means that you treat your entire body as a single entity, thus impacting all areas of your health rather than isolating the skin only.

Time and again it has been proven that using a holistic approach of treatment gives far better chances of getting the desired results. What’s more, using a holistic approach helps you improve other areas of your health through proper diet and, sometimes, exercise if included.

The skin whitening methods outlined in this guide work for both men and women of all races and skin shades. The best part is that they are home based therapies that allow all the privacy you need.

Many Whitening Methods

The manual looks at various whitening methods that use natural ingredients to make your skin lighter. Every chapter includes specific points that explain the process you must go through in order to achieve your desired result.

Using her vast experience as a dermatologist and naturopathic researcher, Diaz shares the best diet tips for skin rejuvenation. She also lays out all the steps needed to a variety of homemade skin lotions and creams that are 100% natural.

She uses basic ingredients such as lemon juice, lemon and orange peels, yogurt, milk, honey, natural oils, and many  more. All these are basic grocery supplies that you can easily get from any home grocery stores.

You don’t need to have any particular skill or knowledge to create these homemade lotions. Everything is detailed in a step-by-step format, with clear and precise instructions that you can easily grasp.

Safe For Continued Use

As a natural product, you can use this solution continually without any side effects arising. The natural ingredients mean that your skin is safe all the time. You can expect to eliminate a host of skin ailments including pigmentation, dark spots, scars, acne, uneven skin tone, blemishes, and many others.

The solution works gradually, meaning it takes some time to notice a big change. Of course you also need to be consistent. However it is not harsh on your skin and the results are permanent.


Family Survival System: The Best Survival Manual On The Web


The Family Survival System is a comprehensive survival manual authored by Frank Mitchell, a veteran US armed forces member and expert prepper. The manual contains in-depth advice and practical tips on how to survive through a disaster of any nature. Thousands of people have used the techniques provided in this manual not only to persevere through disasters but also to improve their well being in every day life.

This guide focuses on an impending economic crisis and its ripple effects. The author discusses some of the predicted devastating effects the crisis might have on American families and how to avert them.

Content And Features

Through a series of insightful tips, Frank Mitchell shows you how to prepare for the very worst case scenarios when a crisis happens. The information is presented in checklist format in various sections. This way, users can easily follow sections in chronological order and learn the details in a logical way.

The guide presents various survival topics that are rarely discussed in other survival manuals, such as the info provided in the Hybrid Situation.

All the tips are straight to the point and clear, thus making it clear for you to grasp and follow every advice provided.

As stated earlier, the focus of the manual is preparation for a financial crisis and all its possible ripple effects. However there are several preparation areas discussed including food storage preparation, water preparation (filtration), creating an escape plan from your house, and how to use weapons when attacked.

A sneak-peek of the aforementioned sections:

Food storage: in this section the author offers information on how to stockpile food stuffs that are long lasting. He shows you how and where to purchase those items, as well as how to consume them when disaster strikes.

Water for drinking: When a major crisis befalls a place, basic necessities such as clean drinking water can become very scarce, which can potentially put lives in danger. In the manual Frank Mitchell shows you how to use a filtration system to generate your own water in case the government supplied water is cut off in a disaster.

Fire arms: Here the focus is on how to use guns for protection. Frank Mitchell is a US armed forces member with extensive years of experience using weapons, and as such this advice couldn’t come from a better person.

Escape plan: This important section explains how to create an escape plan in case you are caught up during a crisis. The author makes use of diagrams to show you how to either exit to a safer location (bugging out) or how to create a safe haven within your house (bugging in). He lays out everything in clear, step-by-step format how to create this space right within your house and how to get and stay there undetected. You learn how to fortify your doors, windows, and generally how to augment the security of your house in minutes.


Every piece of advice provided in this guide is vital and could be the difference between life and death during a disaster. Simply put, this is the type of info that every family needs to be equipped with at any time.



Make Women Want You: Be The Man Women Can’t Do Without


Who is the man that women cannot do without? A man who gets any woman he approaches? A man who is a natural around women? While this may sound like a fairy tale, such a man truly exists. Some men are natural women magnets; they are born with traits that create intense attraction with women. They have great, smooth, and confident conversation style. They are natural born ‘players’ who get all the girls. So what exactly sets this man apart?

The Bad Boy

The type of guy we just described in the previous section is essentially what you’d call a bad boy. He is attractive, confident with women, and has the all alluring ‘i don’t care’ attitude. Almost every woman loves being around this guy, which partly explains why bad boys get all the girls.

Although they wont admit it, women love drama. It’s what makes them feel alive and bad boys provide it in plenty. Since a bad boy typically has a string of different women, he usually brings drama to every relationship he is involved in. He gets women to compete against each other. In short, a bad boy takes you on an emotional roller coaster and usually makes it worth the ride. This is why women can’t help but cling on him.

As a leading attraction guide for men, Make Women Want You by Jason Capital primarily focuses on honing bad boy traits. It focuses on attraction; the initial stages of meeting a woman you want to attract. This crucial stage requires a great deal of bad boy attitude and skill.

And Jason Capital rightfully reminds us in his guide that any man can be a bad boy. You can transform yourself into a woman magnet by following a few basic tips and applying proven bad boy techniques.

Remember, this is an attraction guide as opposed to a dating guide. The techniques in the guide mostly work if you want to learn how to attract women you’re meeting for the first time. It’s not a dating guide in the sense that

What About The Good Guy?

On the other end of the spectrum is the good guy. This is what you’ll call marriage material in case of men. He is dependable, reliable, committed, and has little to no drama. While many women like to a good guy for ‘security’ reasons, they are most attracted to bad boy traits. Yes, it’s confusing but women are generally confusing as well. A woman wants a good guy for safety and long term commitment.

While Jason Capital’s guide focuses on attraction traits of the bad boy, he also offers important tips for transitioning into the good, reliable guy that a woman would want to commit to.

An overall attractive man is one who can strike a good balance between bad boy attitude and good guy traits. Remember, pushing the bad boy attitude too far risks making you come off a s a jerk.


In Jason Capital’s attraction guide for men, you learn how to become a bad ass bad boy who attracts women at will. However you also get important pointers for taking things further if you want to make things more long term.



A Sneak Peek of James Bauer’s What Men Secretly Want Manual


What Men Secretly Want is a dating guide written by James Bauer to help you decipher the often complicated psyche of a man in a relationship. The guide gives women the opportunity to unravel what men truly want in a relationship but would never tell openly.

As most women have come to find, it is not easy relating to a man when they cannot open up. There are things women do in a relationship that create a gap between the two partners, hence ultimately pushing the man away into aloofness.

The good news is that James Bauer’s relationship manual can help yo bridge that gap so that you can enjoy the love you deserve with the man of your dreams.

Bridging The Gap In Your Relationship

No relationship is perfect. However when you get the basics right, you bring your relationship closer to perfect.

When it comes to dating a man, there are a few basics you have to get right in order to unlock his true love and devotion for you.


Respect is one of the most important things in a relationship, especially for men. In fact, the central idea that runs throughout James Bauer’s relationship manual is the Respect Principle. The idea is to teach women the value of respect in a relationship and how much it means to men. By making subtle changes to the way you relate to your man, his love, affection, and devotion to you will increase too.

James Bauer offers solid techniques to help you understand a man’s psyche, a gift that only a handful of women have. With this guide, you have the opportunity to join that small league and turn your relationship around for the better.


Next to respect is companionship. Men want to feel a connection with a woman that they don’t feel for other people. They want to be able to confide in you, open up to you, and receive support from you. That’s companionship and it encompasses many things including friendship, loyalty, and emotional support.

Understanding and applying these basics will transform you into a magnet of men.

Sneak Peek Of What You Learn

Here are some examples of the concepts you will learn in this James Bauer’s guide:

  • Why men generally cannot hear you and even understand you when you communicate in a certain way. On the upside, the guide shows you how to use this as an advantage against any real or perceived competition from other women.
  • How to respond to a man that goes aloof and doesn’t want to talk – the famous silent treatment.
  • Words and phrases you must avoid if you want to make your man feel respected. Words are powerful and could make or break your relationship; learn how to use them carefully.
  • How to talk to a man if you want him to view you as ‘marriage material’.
  • An attraction technique that works within the first 2 minutes of meeting any man.
  • How to always be an exciting woman when speaking to men.