Cheikh Mboup: Tips for Successfully Hiring and Training a Store Manager

Introduction: Store managers play a critical role in retail operations, impacting the profitability of a business through effective employee recruitment, training, and motivation to generate sales. Cheikh Mboup understands the importance of hiring and training skilled store managers to ensure the success of a retail business. In this article, we will explore essential tips for […]

The Role of a Director in a Small Business Organization

In a small business organization, the role of a director is crucial as they oversee the operations and shape the future direction of the company. Directors not only hold an official position but also bear the responsibility of fulfilling legal obligations and managing the affairs of the organization. This article Cheikh Mboup delves into the […]

Finding the Best Sales Planning Manager: Key Strategies

Hiring the right sales planning manager is crucial for the success of your organization. A skilled manager can effectively strategize and align sales plans with your company’s goals, driving growth and profitability. Cheikh Mboup provides valuable tips on how to find the best sales planning manager for your team. To begin the hiring process, craft […]