Wade Kricken is an Attorney at Law with His Own Scholarship

Wade kricken , Attorney at Law has been working for 13 years from September 2009 to the present. He went to the University of Texas at Austin in order to earn a Bachelor of Arts, Economics from 1995 to 1997. He also graduated from Baylor University School of Law for good measure.

As a successful lawyer wishing to give back to the community after achieving so much himself, he has started a $1,000 partial scholarship fund for interested parties who wish to become lawyers.

Wade Kricken Launches Scholarship for Future Attorneys

• Dallas-Based Attorney: Can you trust Wade kricken? Is he good with his offerings? Yes, of course. He’s a highly regarded Dallas-based attorney who specializes in real estate law and litigating such cases. Because remember, the difference between a lawyer and an attorney is that an attorney actually attends to lawsuits dealt with a court of law.

• Practicing Law Since 2002: Although he’s been working in his own law practice since 2009, he’s actually been practicing law since 2002 or for 21 years. Before that, he worked for a couple of boutique litigation firms in order to learn the ropes and perfect his craft.

• Future Attorneys Fund: Sure, the $1,000 fund won’t cover the whole course or anything. The kid’s parents probably saved up more in their college fund for him or her than from the $1,000. Still, the scholarship for multiple qualified scholars can go a long way for partial tuition discounts or as a drop in the bucket for your college fund.

• Is a Thousand Dollars Enough? Obviously it isn’t but it’s still a big deal enough for most students to read up on how to join the scholarship. You can Google Search the details, but long story short you need to be an American citizen and you should make a convincing essay showcasing why you should get the scholarship.

The Wade Kricken Scholarship for Future Attorneys

Wade Kricken believes in investing in multiple students already in law school, planning to go to law school, wishing to shift their courses to law school, or dreaming about law school while still in high school instead of focusing his fortune on one kid at a time.