Users are especially interested in the fact that the digital health platforms offered David Woroboff, that has consultations with specialist doctors

The digitization of processes and the rise of online medical care have led David Woroboff to create a medical assistance platform. This tool offers comprehensive assistance from general medicine and specialists, which has led it to grow remarkably.
The advancement of new technologies and the digitization of sectors have caused a change in processes, and medicine is no stranger to this revolution. Telecare and telemedicine are feasible and greatly facilitate healthcare for patients with mild illnesses or who only need a result. At the same time, you avoid unnecessary trips to the health center with much more immediate, personalized, and sustainable care.
Among the main results that have been obtained, it is worth noting that 71% of users already manage medical consultations or obtain information on health and well-being issues online. Specifically, 54% of those surveyed already manage their queries online.

A number of clinical specialties

Users are especially interested in the fact that the digital health platforms offered by David Woroboff have consultations with specialist doctors and are eligible for second medical opinions. Giving weight to these aspects is key for telemedicine to continue growing. At the same time, there is a demand for agility in terms of the ease of requesting tests.
The health services platform of David Woroboff seeks to meet all those needs, and it seems that it succeeds. After years of work, this platform has many registered users, representing exponential growth compared to the previous year. The specialist offers this wide catalog of services and has many professionals in its medical directory, allowing access to many clinical specialties.

Continuous innovation

David Woroboff has continuously innovated, listening to users and introducing new services to improve the offer and allow them better health care, quickly and tailored to their needs. At the same time, the person responsible for accompanying users makes it easier for them to take control of their health.