Stand Out from the Crowd With An Incredible New York City Step &Repeat Design!


A step and perform repeatedly can be a back drop screen that has more than one sponsor graphics. It’s called a “phase and recurring” since company typically create in front of the display while they move down a reddish colored carpets and rugs or point. Phase and repeats are typically employed at great-profile situations, including product or service rolls out, film premieres, and award ceremonies.

If you’re planning a function in New York, one step and repeat can also add a touch of Hollywood charisma. Here’s everything you need to know about booking a step and repeat in NYC.

Types of Phase and Repeats

There are two principal types of step and repeats: vinyl advertising banners and textile exhibits. Vinyl advertising banners are definitely the less expensive solution, although cloth shows offer a better-conclusion appear. Cloth displays can be done from various components, which includes polyester, silk, and velour.

Vinyl fabric banners and ads are printed out on 13-ounce scrim vinyl fabric employing eco-solvent inks. They’re long lasting and might be recycled several times. Vinyl ad banners may be hung employing grommets or pole pockets. Material exhibits are imprinted on 8-oz polyester cloth using coloring-sublimation publishing. Cloth screens have got a much softer feel and look than vinyl fabric banners and ads and may be installed using Velcro pieces or pole wallets.

The way to Suspend one step and Repeat

step and repeat nyc can be installed either horizontally or vertically. The most common approach to hang up one step and replicate is using grommets. Grommets are aluminum eyelets that reinforce the openings within the banner substance. Pole pockets are one other popular method to hang up stage and repeats. Pole pockets are horizontal or top to bottom slits that allow you to insert poles into the banner ad material so it can be installed just like a curtain.


One step and perform repeatedly is a great way to put Hollywood glamour for your up coming event. There are 2 principal types of step and repeats: vinyl banners and ads and cloth screens. Vinyl advertising banners are the cheaper alternative, when cloth displays give a increased-end appearance. Stage and repeats can be put up either horizontally or up and down, employing grommets or pole wallets. When holding one step and recurring, make sure you use suitable help therefore the exhibit doesn’t sag in between or blow away in windy weather conditions!