Many patients can get the help they need through the doctor’s addiction treatment center Nihar Gala

Nihar Gala puts into practice different treatments for addictions that will help you eliminate those self-destructive behaviors. His therapy for addictions includes techniques such as clinical hypnosis, EMDR, and EFT, through which he can work with the unconscious factors at the base of the problem.
In a more particular way, Dr. Gala defines addiction as a change in behavior, conditioned by the need or irrepressible impulse to come into contact with some element. By receiving the treatment offered by doctor Nihar Gala , the patients, and their relatives can be sure of getting the best therapy service. The techniques applied to treat addiction are based on scientific studies that guarantee the best results.
Addictive disorders are diseases that, like most diseases, affect those who suffer from them in the first person and the people around them. Those who suffer the most from the consequences of the disease of addiction are family members, especially parents, and partners.

To relieve addiction and chronic pain

From his medical center, Nihar Gala, he provides the necessary medical attention for the care of the addict. It has state-of-the-art equipment allows it to carry out a complete patient diagnosis and thus design the appropriate treatment for their condition.
If you specifically seek this specialist, many patients can get the help they need through the best chronic pain and addiction treatment center. Chronic pain is established when its duration exceeds six months, although no objective test can measure the degree of pain.

A specialist who provides much confidence

The specialist Nihar Gala enjoys the trust of his patient’s thanks to the design of treatments that respond to the needs of each patient. Individualized addiction treatments are based on a strict scientific research process that has proven to be highly effective.
The service includes comprehensive treatment and specific tests to study each patient’s neurological and psychological state. Necessary psychiatric services and proper medication management are also contemplated.