Julian Mitton, MD Can Help You Get Over Addiction The Right Way

Getting over addiction is a long, difficult process that isn’t made any easier by the stigma surrounding addiction. People who are in recovery often feel as though they’re being judged, and sometimes even ostracized by those around them for their past mistakes. However, there are ways to get over your addiction without feeling like you’re alone.

Get Educated About Addiction

In order to overcome addiction, you have to understand it. The first step is getting educated about the science of addiction and how it affects people.

• Understand how the brain works
• Learn about the signs of addiction in others
• Find out what treatment options are available for you or someone you care about

If you want to get over addiction, then take some time now to learn more about what can help prevent relapse in the future (and how not doing so can lead us down an unhealthy path).

Seek Treatment For Your Mind, Not Just Your Body

If you’re struggling with addiction, Julian Mitton, MD it’s important to understand that there are many different kinds of treatment. If a person only goes to a 12-step meeting and doesn’t seek help for their mental health issues, they’ll be unlikely to recover. On the other hand, if they see a therapist who treats their emotional problems but doesn’t address any spiritual issues (such as “why did this happen?”), then that person won’t be able to get better either.

The point is: don’t just treat one aspect of your life! Seek treatment for your mind, body and spirit; your social life; everything that affects how you live day-to-day, says Julian Mitton, MD.

Find A Support System

It’s important to have people around you who are willing to help, so it’s time to think about how you can get the support you need. You might try finding a therapist or joining an addiction recovery group. If those options don’t work out, consider getting involved with Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), Narcotics Anonymous (NA), or Rational Recovery Systems (RRS). It may also be worth considering hiring an interventionist if things get really bad–but only if there is no other option left for saving your life!