Enjoy Hassle-free Conversations with free online text messaging


Chatting with friends or family is a great way to stay connected. But if you don’t want to make calls or video chats, texting is an excellent option. And with the availability of free online text messaging services, it’s easier than ever before! Let’s take a look at some of the best free online text messaging services around and how to get started using them.
Google Hangouts
If you already have a Google account, then Google Hangouts is one of the easiest ways to send free SMS messages. With Hangouts, you can send text messages directly from your computer or your phone. There are no fees for sending text messages through Hangouts and you can even set up group conversations as well. To use this service, just open up your Google account and select “Hangouts” from the menu bar at the top of the page. Then select “New Conversation” and type in the number or email address of the person you want to chat with.
WhatsApp is another popular option for sending text messages without having to pay for it. It works on both Android and iOS devices and allows you to easily send messages over Wi-Fi or cellular data connection (depending on what type of device you are using). One of the best features about WhatsApp is that it allows you to send photos, videos, documents, and voice recordings as well as standard text messages. To get started with WhatsApp, download the app on your device and create an account with your phone number.
Facebook Messenger
Facebook Messenger makes it easy to stay in touch with people all over the world without having to pay for any SMS fees. Through Facebook Messenger, you can send text messages directly from your computer or phone. You can also set up group chats as well so that everyone in a conversation can be included in one message thread. To use this service, just open up Facebook messenger either on your device or on your computer and start typing away!
free text messages services are a great way to stay connected without having to pay for expensive SMS plans from wireless carriers or other providers. Whether it’s Google Hangouts, WhatsApp, or Facebook Messenger—there are plenty of options available so that anyone can find one that works best for them! So go ahead and give these services a try today – they won’t cost you anything but time!