Empowering Yourself with the Ancient Art of Raatijaga


Raatijaga is a religious exercise which has been approved down by means of years in numerous parts of India. It is really an historical practice, believed to have been employed for thousands of years. This practice is founded on the notion that energy (Shakti) can be used for therapeutic, defense, and religious development. For those considering going through the methods and values of Raatijaga, let’s consider a good look at what this religious process involves.

Exactly What Is Raatijaga?

Raatijaga is a type of deep breathing that involves centering on one’s interior electricity (known as Shakti). This inside vitality can then be used for a variety of purposes for example curing, safety, as well as religious enlightenment. The primary objective of Raatijaga is to achieve equilibrium between system, thoughts, and spirit by engaging in serious meditating. It may also help deliver clarity and understanding to one’s daily life encounter by attaching with greater claims of consciousness.

How Do You Exercise Raatijaga?

In order to process Raatijaga efficiently, it is very important stay focused entirely on one’s inner electricity or Shakti all the time. This involves becoming mindful of one’s thoughts, feelings, and bodily sensations while performing deep breathing exercise routines. Via normal process over time, anybody can learn to make use of their inner potential and then use it for optimistic transformation and therapeutic. Moreover, there are several mantras linked to the practice that can assist generate better lucidity while focusing during deep breathing trainings.

Accomplishing Enlightenment By means of Raatijaga

The best goal behind training Raatijaga is usually to achieve a state of enlightenment or “Moksha” which you could expertise sustained peacefulness and peace within oneself. To achieve this successfully requires determination and uniformity in meditating every day in addition to finding out how to enhance mindfulness throughout each and every aspect of life. With patience and willpower, anyone can learn to harness the strength of their Shakti power from the lessons of Raatijaga as a way to bring about positive change within them selves among others around them.


Raatijaga is an old spiritual training which has been practiced for thousands of years in India with amazing success by its supporters. By concentrating on one’s interior vitality or Shakti during meditation sessions while using special mantras linked to the exercise with time, you can now discover ways to make use of their particular strength for healing, security, or perhaps hitting a express of enlightenment generally known as “Moksha” where one encounters sustained serenity within on their own. Studying the thinking and methods linked to Raatijaiga will certainly result in beneficial change for just about any individual seeking a much deeper connection with their spirituality!