Dylan Sidoo is a pioneer, mentor, and motivator, as well as the point of reference for an increasingly diverse team

Faced with a changing and increasingly competitive and complex environment, the position of the business developer has evolved towards a more strategic role, leading and managing the transformation of the business. To succeed in this environment, Dylan Sidoo has developed strategic leadership, communication, and influence skills and competencies. These competencies are complemented by in-depth business knowledge and strategies that make it possible to add value to internal customers and earn their trust.
The entrepreneurial role requires many qualities: analytical thinking, understanding, assertiveness, and, without a doubt, technical knowledge. Although these may not have changed, experts today demonstrate a wide range of interpersonal skills, including the ability to express complex ideas in simple but engaging terms.
Dylan Sidoo has the skills and abilities of a Coach, moderating conflicts on boards of directors and contributing to the general business strategy, obtaining visibility throughout the company. Most likely, other managers will not control financial management, accounting, taxation, human resources, or supply chain aspects. Still, the company requires a balance like Dylan Sidoo’s so that each link fits perfectly and obtains profitability.

Generate strategies to obtain value

As a pilot and scientist driving business toward higher performance, Dylan sidoo explains it from a market perspective, noting that the role of the business developer goes beyond traditional accounting and takes a more proactive approach, creating models that allow measuring the impact of new initiatives on the results and profitability of the business, intending to help to select those projects that sustainably contribute greater value to the organization.
In addition, the development and selection of metrics allow for predicting the evolution of the business or the success of new strategies once implemented, the identification of risks before they occur, the proposal of preventive measures, and the identification of opportunities that can be used for better business development.

A benchmark in human talent management

Dylan sidoo struggles to develop the best talent, create work teams and guarantee the availability of the skills needed to drive better productivity in the organization. He says you mustensure you have the right people with the right roles. He is a forerunner, guide, and motivator and the point of reference for an increasingly diverse team.