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A physician interested in emergency medicine is an ER doctor. Emergency medicine is a specialty field of medicine that deals with providing immediate medical care to patients suffering from serious injury and illness needing immediate medical attention. Emergency Medicine is a specialty focused on the immediate recognition, evaluation, treatment and stabilization of emergent medical conditions requiring urgent medical intervention. These physicians work in emergency departments (ED) in hospitals, as well as in ambulance services, physician’s offices and other out-of-hospital facilities.

Emergency medicine doctors like Dr Michael Hilton provide immediate medical care to patients at the scene of an accident or during a medical emergency. They also see patients in hospital emergency rooms and urgent care clinics. As an emergency medicine doctor, you will be in charge of providing immediate treatment and care to a broad range of patients that may have life-threatening conditions.

Where there is an Emergency

An emergency medicine doctor is a doctor that specialize in extensive experience in internal medicine, cardiology and the science of resuscitation. Emergency medicine doctors focus on the immediate and long-range needs of both medical and trauma patients through a combination of medical knowledge, interpersonal skills, and emotional support.

Emergency Medicine specialists are responsible for providing immediate care to patients experiencing life-threatening illnesses or injuries. They evaluate, diagnose and treat patients in the ER, Intensive Care Unit (ICU) and other trauma areas. These professionals take charge of managing critical situations that require prompt evaluation and treatment.

An emergency medicine doctor is a highly skilled professional who treats patients with acute, crisis-oriented illnesses and injuries in an emergency department. An emergency medicine Dr Michael Hilton is a physician who specializes in the treatment of acute and nonacute medical and surgical conditions. These doctors diagnose illness, treat injuries, perform surgeries and provide preventive care. They work both in hospitals and outside of them.